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Kinder Reservoir

Panoramic Kinder Reservoir is situated in the beautiful Peak District National Park. It lies two miles upstream of the picturesque village of Hayfield at the head of the Kinder Valley.

Kinder ReservoirKinder Reservoir

The reservoir lies 281.99 metres above sea level and is fed by the River Kinder flowing down from the upland plateau of Kinder Scout. It has a capacity of 515 million gallons (2,340,000 m3) and covered 44 acres (180,000 m2), At the time of its construction it was claimed to have the largest earth dam in the world.

The Reservoir and waterfall on the stream at William Clough

Kinder ReservoirWilliam Clough

It took nine years to build the reservoir and it was finally completed in 1911. Abram Kellett of Ealing was contracted to build it. The associated standard gauge railway required two Acts of Parliament. The geological difficulties prompted a change in design from a masonry dam to a clay/earth dam. The first consulting engineer died and his son succeeded him. He then resigned. Stockport Corporation and the constructor resorted to the courts over financial issues including the Corporation unilaterally terminating the contract and proceeding with construction on its own.

William Clough

William Clough, Kinder ScoutWilliam Clough, Kinder Scout

William Clough, at the opposite end of the reservoir to the dam is owned by the National Trust. Clothed in a carpet of heather in the late summer and autumn, there are a series of small waterfalls on the winding stream that descends the clough. It is one of the many routes up to the Kinder Scout plateau.

A walk to Kinder Reservoir from Hayfield

Kinder Valley Kinder Valley

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